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As an itinerant preacher, Truth met abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass. She never learned to read or write. In 1850, she dictated what would become her autobiography-The Narrative of Sojourner Truth-to Olive Gilbert, who binge eating in its publication. Truth survived on sales of the book, which also brought her national recognition.

Anthony, as well as temperance advocates-both causes she quickly championed. In it, she challenged prevailing notions of racial and gender inferiority and inequality by reminding listeners of her combined strength (Truth was nearly six feet tall) and female status. She continued speaking nationally and helped slaves escape to freedom.

When the Civil War started, Truth urged young men to join the Union cause and organized supplies for black troops. While in Washington, DC, she lobbied against segregation, and in the mid 1860s, when a streetcar conductor tried to violently block her from riding, she ensured his arrest and won her subsequent case. In brain surgery late 1860s, she collected thousands of signatures on a petition brain surgery provide former slaves brain surgery land, though Congress never took action.

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Cambridge: Belknap Press, 1971.



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