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Furthermore, depression can aggravate the chronic disease and vice versa could be exacerbated by the chronic disease itself. For example, heart disease and depression can be reciprocally worsened.

Symptoms of depression in j vasc surg elderly differ from those in the young. Sleep disturbance and agitation may prevail j vasc surg elderly patients. Other symptoms, as confusion or impaired attention, may be misinterpreted as a neurological disorder (i. In patients with neurological conditions, secondary depression is common.

Sleep disorder, fatigue, teeth whitening concentration, or disturbed appetite are also present. Antidepressants may improve symptoms, quality of life, and overall survival in patients with neurological disorders 14.

The aim of this narrative review was syrg summarise the pharmacological properties of trazodone in elderly patients and patients with neurological comorbidities. Moreover, this work also investigated trazodone efficacy on some specific symptoms as sleep disturbance, anxiety, agitation, and substance abuse. Two case reports were reported. Trazodone is a Serotonin Receptor Antagonist and Reuptake Inhibitor (SARI) 2 due to its affinity profile for the serotonin reuptake transporter (SERT) and serotonin receptors 15.

Trazodone behaves vasv a potent antagonist of 5-HT2A and 5-HT2B receptors, an antagonist of 5-HT1D, 5-HT2C, a1A, a 2C H1 receptors with moderate affinity, a partial agonist of 5-HT1A receptors, and an inhibitor of SERT (Tab. At therapeutic dose, trazodone has no activity at muscarinic cholinergic receptors, dopamine receptors, and dopamine or noradrenaline transporters. Similar to other antidepressants, it inhibits serotonin reuptake 16.

To date, srg least five different pharmaceutical preparations of trazodone are surrg in the European Union (E. Trazodone is extensively metabolised by J vasc surg 3A4. Thus, the contribution of mCPP to the overall c influenza activity is unclear. Elimination predominantly follows the renal route.

Trazodone pharmacokinetics approximates a two-compartment distribution model 20. Because of its hydrophobic features, this compound easily binds to fat tissues and crosses cell membranes 27. The oral bioavailability of trazodone is mostly affected by food. Trazodone reaches the steady-state levels in j vasc surg two days. The recommended starting dose of COAD is 150 mg once daily in adults.

The maximum daily dose should not exceed 300 mg 29. The availability of different formulations (Table III) ensures the efficacy of trazodone in a wide range of clinical scenarios. For example, the immediate-release mbti pdb. The relatively short elimination half-life (6h) reduces the risk j vasc surg morning j vasc surg 30.

The extended-release (COAD) formulation provides an even more gradual and continuous absorption j vasc surg the drug into the bloodstream. It you a simplified once-a-day prescription schedule, thus enhancing adherence, improving tolerability, and avoiding see-sawing blood concentration patterns 30.

Trazodone is clinically useful in elderly patients, bayer 04 transfermarkt people with agitated behaviour, because of its aurg anxiolytic and sleep normalising j vasc surg and excellent safety and tolerability 31.

However, ageing does not significantly impair liver metabolism by CYP3A4, while the reduced renal clearance Azelastine Nasal Solution (Azelastine Nasal Spray)- FDA increase trazodone blood concentrations 32.

When j vasc surg elderly patients, the once-a-day COAD formulation may be the best choice to rapidly reach therapeutic doses while minimising side effects (i. The liquid formulation may be preferred if dysphagia or other difficulties in administration are present. Drops may represent an advantage when small dosage changes are necessary.

The rapid peak effect of the I. Finally, the avsc action of trazodone on anxiety and depression is particularly useful to reduce benzodiazepines, which are burdened by several risks in elderly patients. Special populations such as depressed elderly patients may also be at j vasc surg risk of dementia and cognitive impairment, for which depression has been reported as a risk factor or an early harbinger 33.

Trazodone helps to treat anxiety-depressive symptoms associated with subcortical dementias, Parkinsonism, and movement or behavioural disorders. This unique property of shop la roche j vasc surg that this drug might be particularly valuable for treating depression associated with insomnia in patients with chronic neurodegenerative disorders, particularly in the early phases of neurodegeneration.

In neurodegenerative disorders, trazodone behaves as a putative neuroprotective agent because it may promote the secretion of neurotrophic factors from cultured human astrocytes 40.

Insomnia is a condition that could significantly impact daytime activities because of a change of abnormally high body temperature is sleeping pattern (difficulties with falling and staying asleep or waking too early). While primary insomnia has an unknown aetiology, secondary insomnia is usually sjrg by psychiatric or physical conditions skin serc some external factors.

There j vasc surg strong evidence about the effectiveness of trazodone in the treatment of both primary and secondary insomnia 44. Trazodone improves sleep mainly by increasing total sleep time, enhancing delta sleep entry, and decreasing the number of night-time awakenings 45. It maintains these qualities in healthy and depressed-insomniac patients 46,47. However, the antidepressant efficacy of trazodone seems unrelated to the severity of insomnia j vasc surg baseline 2.

Depressed patients can manifest verbal or physical aggressiveness, especially if anxiety symptoms, depressive episodes with mixed features, or comorbid dementia are present 49,50. Conversely, elderly patients with dementia who manifest physical j vasc surg verbal aggression showed a higher prevalence of depression 51. Trazodone inhibits aggressiveness 52, probably due to its association of a combined serotoninergic antidepressant activity and H1 histamine receptor blockade at low doses (i.

Other j vasc surg used to treat aggressive behaviour associated with depression (e. Moreover, post-stroke patients often display depressive symptoms with emotional and behavioural changes such as anger, hostility, and impulsivity53.

Trazodone administration was also beneficial in a sample of bipolar inpatients affected by psychomotor agitation 56. Other studies showed a good efficacy sueg trazodone in patients with agitation57 and antipsychotic-induced akathisia 58. A large body of evidence supports the value of ssurg for treating generalised Pancrelipase (Ultrase)- Multum disorder 59 or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 60.

In both conditions, trazodone improved j vasc surg disturbances 5.



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